Team Tune Ups

Team Tune Ups are for intact work groups that are still getting the job done but starting to run into problems


  • Once teamwork starts to erode, it can unravel quickly 
  • Teams are much harder to get back on track than to proactively stay on track
  • No busy team should go longer than six months without looking at how it gets the work done so it can make needed adjustments in time

You Need a Team Tune Up When

  • Your team is losing momentum, morale or manpower
  • Customers have started to voice concerns about service, quality or timeliness
  • Team members are starting to point fingers and say, “That’s not my job” 

You Get

  • An initial consultation to assess whether a tune up is in order or something else needs to be done
  • Interviews with team members, leaders and customers to help the team see exactly what is going well and what needs to get better
  • A presentation that will inform and motivate the group about the need for teamwork and the factors that will guarantee their success
  • A group-level assessment that includes a clear mission, roles, goals, responsibilities, processes, and procedures unique to the team’s purpose and needed results
  • Individual assessments of team members’ personal communication styles and a group profile to ensure lasting teamwork
  • A short- and long-term game plan that addresses all the major functions of a team, including built-in commitment to get the job done

So That

  • Customers and senior executives continue to look at your group as a role model for the rest of the organization
  • You have an up-to-date plan of action based on the reality of the new situation
  • Team members are reengaged, reenergized and relieved that you stepped in to make improvements before things got worse
Igniting teams (drip torch)

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