Large Groups

Large Group Facilitation is for those times when you need to get a lot of people on the same page in a hurry


  • Getting a large number of people up to speed and down to business can take a very long time if it’s done in dribs and drabs from top to bottom
  • Whatever you want to communicate, mobilize or change gets diluted each time it passes through another layer of management
  • The only way to get buy-in is by building ownership, and the only way to develop ownership is by getting real involvement

You Need Large Group Facilitation When

  • You have a significant change in strategy that affects not only what your people do but how they do it
  • You need to start changing the culture of your business or agency
  • Part of the problem lies in the layers of management between you and the rest of the organization
  • You are the new owner, CEO or key leader, and you want to get your feet wet in a hurry, take the pulse of the organization, gather input or insights or get everyone on the same page

You Get

  • An initial consultation to determine if Large Group Facilitation is the best approach, what needs to be done in advance, and what the best design would include
  • A collaborative design that generates ownership among the leadership group being affected and takes into account your special needs and circumstances
  • Expert facilitation at your venue of choice, including the options of plenary sessions, breakouts, panel discussions, on-stage interviews, small group discussion and action planning

So That

  • Your new strategy can move from introduction to execution much more quickly
  • You get the shift you are looking for in how people think, how people feel or what people do
  • You build a strong foundation for and get traction for a longer-term change program that may take years to fully implement
Igniting teams (drip torch)

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