Group-Level Assessments

Group-Level Assessments are one-day team meetings that “put the car in the garage” for an overdue check up to improve your team’s performance, fix what’s broken and teach you how to do it on your own the next time


  • According to the Hudson Highland Group, only 11% of the best-educated, most highly paid workers in the world are part of high-performing work groups, which means 89% are not
  • Work teams are driven hard for many months – sometimes at high speed – and if they aren’t maintained, they will break down; it’s just a matter of time
  • Every group of individuals is a chemical soup of human behavior, conflict, and potential dysfunction that cannot be ignored for long
  • Team train wrecks are much easier to prevent than they are to repair
  • The ability to diagnose and solve your own personnel problems is crucial to a team’s success

You Need a Group-Level Assessment When

  • Poor working relationships in your group are causing people to “hunker down” in silos, place blame on others, ask for transfers or quit
  • Your team is taking on a new, more important or higher-visibility project where you can’t afford distractions and dysfunctions
  • You have had significant change in the makeup of your team, including turnover, leadership, strategy or purpose

You Get

  • An initial consultation to assess the situation, determine if a group-level assessment is the appropriate tool to solve your problem, and, if appropriate, start the customization process at once
  • A pre-meeting presentation to the team to prepare them for the event and team-member interviews to customize the approach
  • A proven, real-time, real-relevant methodology that is valid and builds commitment for execution
  • Individual team-member style surveys for each participant and a group profile to support team development
  • A written short- and long-term action plan that is developed and prioritized by the team members themselves
  • Immediately improved team performance – even before the action plan has begun to be executed

So That

  • You solve root causes and don’t just put a Band-Aid on the problem
  • Your people are immediately more engaged, productive and creative
  • High-risk, high-visibility projects get the fast-start and results you need
  • Your most important teams adapt quickly to inevitable changes in priorities, team members and team leaders
  • You prevent unnecessary and embarrassing team train wrecks that can hurt your results and you reputation
  • Your team is more capable of preventing problems in the future and doing their own course correction in the future
Igniting teams (drip torch)

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