Igniting and
Regenerating Teams

Put your teams on the right track or get them out of the ditch so you can spend your time putting out other, bigger fires. Team assessments are essential for starting up, tuning up, or turning around teams in trouble.

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  • Group-Level Assessments are one-day team meetings that “put the car in the garage” for an overdue check up to improve your team’s performance, fix what’s broken and teach you how to do it on your own the next time
  • Team Start Ups provide a unique opportunity to get work groups off on the right foot, fast
  • Team Tune Ups are for intact work groups that are still getting the job done but starting to run into problems
  • Team Turn Arounds are major interventions to assess and restart a failed or failing team
  • Large Group Facilitation is for those times when you need to get a lot of people on the same page in a hurry
Igniting teams (drip torch)

Did You Know…?

The five basic conditions that leaders must fulfill in order to create effective teams are:

  1. Teams must be real by being clear about who is on the team and who is not
  2. Team members need to know and agree on a clear and compelling direction
  3. Teams require clear structures, goals, processes and procedures
  4. Teams need organizational systems that support their success
  5. Teams need expert coaching, especially at the beginning, midpoint and end of a project

— Harvard University

From Our Clients

“Tom facilitated an off-site meeting of the Airport Authority, where he guided, directed, and facilitated a process that ensured that all members had their opinions heard and discussed…. He quickly assessed and evaluated the players and proved his skills under pressure…resulted in completion of a strategic plan which had been stymied for years.”


Airport Manager, Stafford Regional Airport

“He is the most effective consultant that I have worked with in my 30 years of state government…assisting me and my executive leadership team in improving our Leadership Team’s effectiveness…unique ability to connect with management and employees.”

Staunton District Administrator, Virginia Department of Transportation

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