Panel Interviews offer another great alternative in sharp contrast to tired PowerPoint presentations. An expanded version of the On-Stage Interview, Panel Interviews bring out multiple perspectives on a single topic, followed by probing questions from the moderator and the audience


  • People want variety of voices, perspectives, speaking styles and personalities that make their experience more like a buffet than a one-course meal 
  • Complex subjects can be more interesting and memorable when they are broken down into savory bits and pieces
  • Panel Interviews offer something for everyone, a little scuba diving into the depth of the subject along with some water-skiing that quickly visits many different aspects

You Need Panel Interviews When

  • You want to deliver Reality TV instead of CSPAN
  • You want to take a fresh look at an old subject
  • You’re looking for new ways to deliver value on the central theme of your event
  • Your attendees come from a variety of organizations, industries and demographics
  • Your audience already has significant expertise in the subject matter and needs to hear opinions and perspectives other than their own 

You Get

  • An initial consultation to determine the best use of the Panel Interview for your event, including guests selection, preparation and staging
  • Preliminary interviews with your on-stage experts and a sample of your intended audience to make the questions relevant and interesting from their points of view
  • Expert moderation that tees up new information with a combination of questions, humor and punch
  • The use of audience response and Social Media tools to tap into the questions and comments of the audience while the Panel Interview is happening

So That

  • Your audience is still talking about the event long after the session is over
  • Your audience takes away best management practices from other experts with different experiences from their own
  • Your audience gets multiplied value from the same seat time
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  1. The nature, composition, logistics and objective of your next event
  2. The special needs of your audience, event history, key stakeholders and other nuances
  3. The best ways to ensure a high Return on Attendance for your event

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From Our Clients

“I’ve learned from tons of excellent presenters but never have I watched a “Headliner” so eloquently and effectively serve our participants as a support instructor. Tom’s ability to listen and clearly hear our participant’s questions and problems made him one of the most effective instructors I have studied.”

Budget & Strategic Planning Unit Leader, Tennessee Division of Forestry

“Tom was a great partner in every way, offering suggestions for topics…leaving his various audiences with practical take aways and insights that they would not soon forget…. Tom’s topics were the top two favorites by those who completed our convention evaluations…. He is a unique resource in our profession and many other that are lucky to find him.”

Outreach Manager, and Mike Burns, Program Resource Manager, American Tree Farm System

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