On-Stage Interviews

On-Stage Interviews are exciting alternatives to formal, one-way presentations by technical experts, senior executives and other special guests


  • Formal presentations can be boring, as in “death by PowerPoint”
  • Audiences yearn for variety in their programs, not just in content but also in format
  • People get more than information with On-Stage Interviews, they get insight

You Need On-Stage Interviews When

  • Your audience has heard from this person before and doesn’t want to hear the same old same old
  • Your technical expert is not an expert presenter but their message still needs to get across in a meaningful way
  • You want to increase the energy and engagement of your audience by spicing up your conference with a different format
  • You want your leaders to have a memorable experience, not just an information dump

You Get

  • An initial consultation to determine the best use of the On-Stage Interview in your conference and where it might best be positioned
  • Preliminary interviews with the on-stage expert and a sample of the intended audience to make the questions relevant and interesting from their point of view
  • Expert interviewing that uncovers more about the subject than the expert might have otherwise conveyed and does so in an impactful way
  • The use of audience response and Social Media tools to tap into the questions and comments of the audience while the On-Stage Interview is happening

So That

  • Your audience has an unexpectedly memorable experience as well as the in-depth learning opportunity they deserve
  • Your expert, senior executive or other special guest looks great and gets their point across in a new and meaningful way
  • Your audience feels they’ve been given an insider’s view of the topic and take away meaningful insights to apply back on the job
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Reserve Time

Reserve Time for a consultation about how we can make your special event memorable with Emcee services. During this consultation call, we'll discuss:

  1. The nature, composition, logistics and objective of your next event
  2. The special needs of your audience, event history, key stakeholders and other nuances
  3. The best ways to ensure a high Return on Attendance for your event

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From Our Clients

“…his combination of humor and hard-hitting facts not only addressed the situations we see, but gave us a great deal of insight in how to be more effective in dealing with them.”

Commissioner, Virginia Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services

“…the perfect way to frame our conference as well as motivate our staff…highly entertaining and appealing to our diverse staff…truly one of the highlights of the conference…you exceeded our expectations…Our Forest Management Conference was highly successful, due in large part to your excellent work.”

State Forester, Pennsylvania DCNR Bureau of Forestry

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