Leader Labs

Leader Labs are the most dramatic of our alternatives to “Death by PowerPoint” in that they bring a series of real-brief, real-time and real-relevant case studies in leadership directly from the audience to the stage


  • People want more than theory, they want application
  • Next to experiencing something themselves, there is nothing more powerful for learning than real-life examples from the field
  • While every situation is different, key leadership principles remain the same, and Leader Labs let the audience see them in action rather than reading about them in textbooks

You Need Leader Labs When

  • You can’t get more relevant than dealing with specific audience problems while the audience is watching
  • You want lessons in leadership that your audience has never seen before and - because every Leader Lab is different - will never see again
  • Your annual conference needs a shot in the arm of attendance, interest and buzz
  • You want attendees to come back next year just to see this session offered again
  • Your audience is full of doers, no non-sense professionals who have been there, done that, but not done this

You Get

  • A seasoned executive coach, speaker, facilitator and leadership consultant who knows your audience’s challenges from the inside up
  • Two stools and a microphone at the front of the room
  • A unique opportunity for your audience to receive on-stage consulting right there, right then

So That

  • Your audience gets an inside look at leadership that will change the way they think about being managers and leaders back on the job
  • Your audience gets tools, models and practical advice that they can take home and put to use immediately in their own situations
  • Many of your attendees will feel they got their money’s worth out of the conference from this one session alone
Kickstarting meetings (boots)

Reserve Time

Reserve Time for a consultation about how we can make your special event memorable with Emcee services. During this consultation call, we'll discuss:

  1. The nature, composition, logistics and objective of your next event
  2. The special needs of your audience, event history, key stakeholders and other nuances
  3. The best ways to ensure a high Return on Attendance for your event

Call Tom at 804-769-9794 or drop him an and we'll reserve your time to help YOU make your next event memorable, impactful and successful!

From Our Clients

“Tom's engaging style and unique presentations were the highlight of our Leadership Academy. Tom helped us to focus on what we wanted to achieve through the leadership training, and took it upon himself to modify his presentations at the last minute so that they would include specifics from our presentations.”

American Forest Foundation

“The information you shared was extremely relevant, and the interactive approach that you used was hugely successful in conveying the messages and keeping the energy level very high.”

Deputy Chief (ret), U.S. Forest Service

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