Keynotes and Workshops

Keynotes and Workshops are variable-length programs on leadership that inform, entertain and inspire leaders.  Pick from one of the sample topics below or let us know the subjects of interest to you for other leadership and communication offerings to meet your specific need or objective.

Sample Topics

  • The NATURE of Leadership: What They Didn’t Teach Us About Leadership in Engineering School
  • The NATURE of Teamwork: Getting and Keeping Your Teams on Track
  • The NATURE of Motivation: Getting the Most from Your Volunteers and Your Paid-Volunteer Workforce
  • Calibrating and Growing Your Leadership Range with one of our DISC, MBTI, or MBTI Step-II workshops
  • Surviving Your Transition to a Leadership Position: Based on Tom’s Book, The 8 Greatest Mistakes New Managers Make
  • Boomers, Geeks & Geezers! Understanding Communication and Motivation across the Generations

You Need Keynotes & Workshops When

  • You want to set the tone for an important meeting or conference
  • You need to change the way people think, feel or act
  • You want to kick off a leadership program or other critical training
  • Your want to bring in an outside perspective on a hot issue
  • You need to accelerate the application of a particular leadership skill
  • Your leaders need continuing education but you don’t have time for a full-day Boot Camp or Leadership Academy.

You Get

  • Initial consultations to determine or clarify the objective and understand your needs and objectives
  • Interviews with key leaders and people from the intended audience to customize the content for your organization
  • A memorable, interactive delivery with practical take-aways that can be used that day
  • Return on Attendance from pre-work assignments, knowledge checks during the event and follow-up to achieve level 3 learning

So That

  • Your management team is up-to-date and committed to shared leadership models
  • Your leaders increase levels of engagement, motivation and retention and do their jobs better
  • Your leaders are more engaged, retained and motivated to do their jobs even better
  • You look like a star for bringing in a speaker who knows leadership and the challenges of natural resource professionals
Kickstarting meetings (boots)

Reserve Time

Reserve Time for a consultation about how we can make your special event memorable with Emcee services. During this consultation call, we'll discuss:

  1. The nature, composition, logistics and objective of your next event
  2. The special needs of your audience, event history, key stakeholders and other nuances
  3. The best ways to ensure a high Return on Attendance for your event

Call Tom at 804-769-9794 or drop him an and we'll reserve your time to help YOU make your next event memorable, impactful and successful!


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From Our Clients

“…was interactive with the audience and also filled with humor to accent some of the critical aspects of the material…ended the conference on a high note and with a lasting impression….attendees found his material to be well-delivered, relevant, and useful in today’s multi-generational workforce.”

Director, Auxiliary Services Office, Bowie State University

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