Webinars for New Managers provide flexible, on-demand learning opportunities for new managers who are also members of natural resource associations


  • Associations can provide additional member value by offering diverse leadership development opportunities to their members
  • Associations can increase member engagement by combining small numbers of new managers from across their member organizations to achieve economies of scale
  • Associations can better retain their members by offering distance learning opportunities for small organizations who can’t afford (or don’t have enough consistent demand for) their own remote learning platform

You Need Webinars for New Managers When

  • Your member surveys indicate that your customers are demanding new, more and flexible learning opportunities that involve leadership, communication and management skills
  • Your members are largely individuals, family owned businesses or small consulting practices that don’t have easy access to high-quality leadership and soft-skills training
  • Your members include a growing number of younger generations who need, want and expect to access learning just in time, just enough and just for them

You Get

  • A choice of leadership development topics and the opportunity to customize management seminars to meet your members’ needs
  • The subject matter loaded and operated on your Webinar platform so you don’t have to change your current system
  • An expert trainer, communicator and coach who knows not only the subject matter but the specific challenges of the natural resource profession

So That

  • Your members have tangible new reasons to reinvest in your association
  • You cultivate new and emerging leaders who will be stronger advocates, more active volunteers and better-prepared association leaders - both now and in the future
  • The results of your member surveys show continuously improving satisfaction levels
  • Your association generates a new source of non-dues revenues - a ready made profit center

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