Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching for New Managers is a one-on-one development service to slingshot rising managers into their new positions


  • Supervisors with their hair on fire need a more flexible method for developing leadership skills on their schedule
  • New managers can learn even faster with a personalized approach
  • New-generation managers prefer their learning just enough, just in time, and just for them

You Need Individual Coaching for New Managers When

  • You have high-potential new managers who deserve special attention due to high expectations, urgent needs or gaps in your succession plans that need filling fast
  • You prefer a customized approach because your new managers are facing special challenges, tough working conditions, or difficult personalities
  • Your new managers have a hard-to-predict schedule and find it difficult to attend training programs or prescheduled group coaching calls

You Get

  • An initial consultation to assess your needs and determine if individual coaching is the best choice for your situation
  • Individualized leadership assessments, customized insights and resource material, including a copy of The 8 Greatest Mistakes New Managers Make: Surviving Your Transition to a Leadership Position for each participant
  • A three-, six-, or 12-month coaching phase that includes bi-monthly coaching sessions with customized assignments, accountabilities and as-needed leadership consulting for real-time challenges

So That

  • High-potential new managers are not only exceptionally successful in their current role but also well prepared for advancement in the short term
  • Your new managers who are in special circumstances get equal access to leadership development in a way that fits their unusual situations
  • Leadership development is made available to your emerging leaders with a highly customizable schedule to fit today’s fast and flexible workforce

Reserve Your Free Acceleration Session

Reserve your free 30-Minute Leadership Acceleration Session. During this consultation call, we'll discuss:

  1. The most pressing leadership challenges you are facing
  2. Your organization’s current strategy for developing leaders
  3. What other organizations similar to yours have done to improve their leadership situation

Call Tom at 804-769-9794 or drop him an and we'll reserve your time to help YOU solve your current leadership challenges while preparing the next generation of leaders in your organization!

From Our Clients

"Tom Davidson was excellent.... His presentation was very funny and entertaining."

— Latika Lea

From Our Clients

“One of the best things about Tom is his ability to effectively communicate with employees at all levels of the organization. Being an exemplary leader, he quickly developed rapport with our managers and thus created an atmosphere of trust and effective learning...communicating real-life experiences into lessons on leadership.”


Deputy State Forester (ret.), Virginia Department of Forestry

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