Boot Camps

New Manager Boot Camps are fast-start single-day workshops delivered at your location to help your new managers hit the ground running


  • The #1 mistake new managers make is misunderstanding their new role and not adapting fast enough to their new responsibilities
  • The technical skills that got your new team leaders promoted are not what they need to succeed as leaders
  • First-line managers have the greatest impact on employee morale, productivity and turn over but they get the least preparation for their jobs

You Need a New Manager Boot Camp When

  • You don’t have time to take your new supervisors off the line for weeks of in-depth training
  • You need to provide a solid foundation for your new managers but don’t have the budget for more than an introductory program at this time
  • Your staff is good at technical training but not experienced with developing leaders, or they are spread too thin to develop and deliver training of this type

You Get

So That

  • Your new supervisors adjust their mindsets from continuing to be hands-on experts to becoming real supervisors and effective leaders of people
  • Your new managers will be prepared to learn faster from their own mistakes and minimize their consequences on the job
  • Your new leaders will get the leadership foundation they need, earn the reputation they need and generate the results you want
  • Your supervisors can get right back to work and apply their new insights after very little time off the job

Reserve Your Free Acceleration Session

Reserve your free 30-Minute Leadership Acceleration Session. During this consultation call, we'll discuss:

  1. The most pressing leadership challenges you are facing
  2. Your organization’s current strategy for developing leaders
  3. What other organizations similar to yours have done to improve their leadership situation

Call Tom at 804-769-9794 or drop him an and we'll reserve your time to help YOU solve your current leadership challenges while preparing the next generation of leaders in your organization!

From Our Clients

“Mr. Davidson met with us extensively and developed a specific training program for all county employees, incorporating customer service, communication, listening and understanding differing personalities…assisted staff in understanding the connection between their actions and productivity and its affect on the operation….”


County Administrator, Surry County Virginia

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