Leadership Academies

Leadership Academies for New Managers are comprehensive and customized multi-day programs for small cohort groups at the same organization to get your new managers up to speed and down to business


  • 40% of new managers fail within their first 18 months on the job
  • Failed managers leave a costly legacy of low productivity, poor morale and high turnover, and just replacing them cost about 150% of their salary
  • Poorly trained new managers drain the time and energy of their superiors and cause more people problems than they solve

You Need a Leadership Academy for New Managers When

  • Your bench strength of ready leaders is dangerously thin after years of cost cutting, downsizing, and “lean and mean” staffing levels
  • Your business is growing (and/or your “Boomers” are retiring) so fast that you have to bring up a new crop of supervisors in a hurry
  • Your current supervisors have old-school management styles but are leading the newest generations of workers and volunteers

You Get

  • An initial consultation and needs assessment to illuminate your exact needs and develop your customized leadership academy built on our components and experience
  • A full-scale leadership development program at your location divided into components, days and phases to meet your unique needs and logistics
  • Design and delivery by deeply experienced trainers, leaders and coaches, including the author of The 8 Greatest Mistakes New Managers Make: Surviving Your Transition to a Leadership Position
  • Individualized leadership assessments, customized insights and resource material, including a copy of The 8 Greatest Mistakes New Managers Make: Surviving Your Transition to a Leadership Position for each participant
  • A training program for new managers that is laced with interactive exercises to drive the learning, real-life examples from the field, in-class practice, peer feedback, and individualized action plans at the end of each phase
  • Pre-work, knowledge tests and follow up to help ensure level 3 learning
  • Follow-up one-on-one coaching and support materials between phases for each person in the class to lock in the learning while applying leadership principles back on the job
  • Participant workbooks for use during the class and for new supervisors to keep as reference material and resources

So That

  • Your leadership talent pool will be full of aspiring managers who have a new mindset and new skill set for their role, practiced principles for leading others, and the ability to learn faster from future on-the-job experience
  • Your new crop of leaders will be ready to step into their roles as managers and supervisors in a matter of months, not years
  • Your leadership corps will have a consistent and up-to-date range of skills to meet the needs of the youngest generations populating the workplace and moving into leadership positions themselves
  • Your leaders will have a common playbook, a shared language for solving problems, reinforcing what was learned in training and supporting each other’s success

Reserve Your Free Acceleration Session

Reserve your free 30-Minute Leadership Acceleration Session. During this consultation call, we'll discuss:

  1. The most pressing leadership challenges you are facing
  2. Your organization’s current strategy for developing leaders
  3. What other organizations similar to yours have done to improve their leadership situation

Call Tom at 804-769-9794 or drop him an and we'll reserve your time to help YOU solve your current leadership challenges while preparing the next generation of leaders in your organization!

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From Our Clients

“Tom's engaging style and unique presentations were the highlight of our Leadership Academy. Tom helped us to focus on what we wanted to achieve through the leadership training, and took it upon himself to modify his presentations at the last minute so that they would include specifics from our presentations.”


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