Orienting and Developing
New Managers

Get your new managers up to speed and down to business fast with training and development options that are effective for you, worthwhile for them, and relevant to the on-the-ground situations they face every day.

Click on the options below for more information on the delivery options that best fit your need:

  • New Manager Boot Camps are fast-start single-day workshops delivered at your location to help your new managers hit the ground running
  • Leadership Academies are comprehensive and customized multi-day programs for small cohort groups at the same organization to get your new managers up to speed and down to business
  • Group Coaching provides fast-start learning and on-going support for new managers by a series of one-hour telephone conference calls
  • Individual Coaching is a one-on-one development service to slingshot rising managers into their new positions
  • Webinars provide flexible, on-demand learning opportunities for new managers who are also members of professional associations
Orienting New Managers (compass)

Did You Know…?

The top reasons why newly appointed leaders fail are:

  1. Failure to build partnerships and teamwork with subordinates
  2. Confusion about what is actually expected
  3. Lack of required interpersonal skills and political savvy
  4. Inability to achieve the two or three most important objectives
  5. Taking too long to learn the job
  6. Lack of balance between work and personal lives

— Manchester Consulting

From Our Clients

“I am very pleased to endorse Tom Davidson as a speaker and trainer. Tom has been a repeat presenter for Ritz-Carlton Hotels on the topic of multi-generational workforces because we get consistently excellent results.”

Vice President, Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center at The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center

“I have hired Tom multiple times for multiple types of leadership training for small groups (25 to 50) of elite leaders. His presentations, assessment tools and one on one interaction with leaders are consistently ranked exceptionally valuable. I recommend his work without reservation.”

Michael Goergen
Director, P3Nano at U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities

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