Executive Coaching for On-Boarding Executives is a method for ensuring a particularly smooth start for key leaders entering new roles or organizations


  • Contemporary organizations demand early results from their investments in new executives
  • The first 90 days is an especially high-impact period for the new executive and his or her work team
  • The on-boarding period is a unique opportunity to set the stage for change and improvement

You Need Executive Coaching for On-Boarding Executives When

  • You have a new executive replacing a manager who has been in place for a long period of time
  • Your new executive and his or her work team need to get up to speed particularly fast
  • The organization is in a period of unusual change or turmoil when the new executive is brought on board

You Get

  • An initial consultation to confirm the choice of development options and an introductory meeting with the client to judge interpersonal fit
  • A comprehensive assessment phase, including an Individual Executive Assessment (i.e., interviews with superiors and stakeholders and online leadership profiles), joint analysis to determine the focus of the coaching, and initial feedback coaching during the data assimilation and initial change management consulting
  • A three-, six- or 12-month coaching phase, including bi-monthly one-hour coaching sessions by phone, Skype or in person that provide select leadership principles, targeted resources, learning assignments, role playing exercises, and organizational consulting

So That

  • You capitalize on the opportunities afforded by a change in leadership while minimizing the inherent risks
  • Your new executive and his or her team get on the same page quickly and get on with their goals efficiently
  • Your new executive melds well with the rest of your executive team in the short-term and builds a critical foundation for success in the long-term
Measuring executives (loggers tape)

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“I had the pleasure of working with Tom when he worked with me as a coach. Tom did a detailed assessment with input from colleagues, my manager and my direct reports and helped create a strengths profile. I found his approach…to be very helpful and feel like his input helped me focus on my career and enhance my leadership style.”

Regional Marketing Director (Asia Pacific Japan) and Global Director for Emerging Markets, Dell

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