Individual Assessments

Individual Executive Assessments give you the clearest possible snapshot of a manager’s strengths and developmental opportunities


  • At some point in their careers, experienced managers stop getting sufficient information on their performance, effective feedback from their stakeholders or on-going leadership development at their level
  • Experienced and tough-minded executives have normally been highly rewarded for their successes, and they can be unaware or dismissive of potential blind spots or leadership derailers
  • An objective and skilled third party is often needed to shift the executive’s perspective and enable him or her to engage (or re-engage) in self-development at their level

You Need Individual Executive Assessments When

  • You have a mid- to senior-level manager who is highly valued by the organization for their technical/business skills but on the verge of loosing credibility, teamwork and career trajectory because of their unpolished leadership skills
  • You have tried other – more standard – performance interventions with little or no success (i.e., more frequent performance reviews, warnings from superiors, diminished responsibility or degraded compensation)
  • You don’t have internal resources that are prepared or experienced in dealing with executive development challenges
  • You need to shield inside resources (i.e., training, human resources) from the political fall out that can occur when a tough executive is confronted about his or her performance

You Get

  • An initial consultation to determine the best approach and combination of tools for the situation at hand, plus an introductory meeting with the executive client to measure interpersonal fit
  • Sophisticated data collection involving a combination of 360-degree feedback tools, stakeholder interviews, a review of internal documents, and online leadership instruments
  • Two levels of analysis, one by the consultant and one in tandem with the client to improve quality and ownership for action, this resulting in a complete summary of data collected for his/her reference and review

So That

  • A high-level executive summary with personalized developmental recommendations, plus a final coaching session for the client to help begin the development process and an in-person debriefing with the sponsor to support the development plan
  • You and the executive get an accurate root-cause analysis of why the client continues to face a recurring pattern of potential leadership derailers
  • The executive understands and accepts the majority of the findings such that they are motivated to adjust unhelpful perspectives and change key behaviors while maintaining the strong performance patterns in other areas
  • A personalized development plan for the valued manager to follow, adapt, and use in the next phase of their executive coaching process
Measuring executives (loggers tape)

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