HIgh Potentials

Executive Coaching for High Potentials is an accelerated development program for middle managers who need to get ready for the next-level challenge quickly and efficiently


  • Fast-growing and fast-changing organizations often require leaders to make large changes in the scope of their roles, and they need to develop quickly and learn on the fly
  • Organizations with many long-term employees are facing a tidal wave of retiring “Baby Boomers,” leaving huge gaps in the organization chart that need to be filled in a hurry
  • Fast-paced organizations don’t always have time to provide close support, one-on-one coaching or mentoring for their up-and-coming managers

You Need Executive Coaching for High Potentials When

  • You have important, high-visibility or high-risk leadership roles that need to be filled quickly by managers who are proficient but not fully ready at the time of promotion
  • Your organization is moving in a new direction, breaking new ground, performing new operations that require leaders to learn and adapt with unique dexterity
  • You have leaders who work in a matrix organization with multiple “dotted-line” relationships but little direct support for their development

You Get

  • An initial consultation to confirm the choice of development options and an introductory meeting with the client to judge interpersonal fit
  • A comprehensive assessment phase, including an Individual Executive Assessment (i.e., interviews with superiors and stakeholders, 360-degree feedback, and online leadership profiles), joint analysis to determine the focus of the coaching, and initial feedback coaching during the data assimilation
  • A three-, six- or 12-month coaching phase, including bi-monthly one-hour coaching sessions by phone, Skype or in person that provide select leadership principles, targeted resources, learning assignments, role playing exercises, and organizational consulting

So That

  • Your fast-tracked executives are made successful in spite of any dramatic changes in scope or role
  • Leaders being sent into unknown territory or doing unfamiliar tasks get the support they need to adapt, overcome and succeed in their new – sometimes-unprecedented – roles
  • Politically complex roles are made clearer, the leader learns coping skills, and the high-potential manager learns how to balance multiple responsibilities with multiple bosses, peers and other stakeholders
Measuring executives (loggers tape)

Reserve Your Free Acceleration Session

Reserve your free 30-Minute Leadership Acceleration Session. During this consultation call, we'll discuss:

  1. The most pressing leadership challenges you are facing
  2. Your organization’s current strategy for developing leaders
  3. What other organizations similar to yours have done to improve their leadership situation

Call Tom at 804-769-9794 or drop him an and we'll reserve your time to help YOU solve your current leadership challenges while preparing the next generation of leaders in your organization!

From Our Clients

“Tom’s wide variety of interests and breadth of experience make him easy to talk to and very skilled at assessing situations. I have already benefited from the coaching sessions and would definitely recommend Tom to anyone who is looking for coaching to reach the next milestone on their career path.”

Brand Manager, Capital One

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