Executive Coaching for Fine Tuning Skills is an accelerated development process for rising executives who need to polish some rough edges or develop a few particular leadership skills before they become a more serious impediment to their success


  • Neglected leadership skills at one level often become derailers at the next
  • Leadership deficiencies at this level are frequently multiplied down the “chain-of-command” by poor role modeling
  • It’s cheaper to address a performance problem when it’s small than it is to wait until it becomes a derailer

You Need Executive Coaching for Fine Tuning Skills When

  • A manager has been promoted for exceptional technical or business skills but their idiosyncrasies have started to diminish their credibility
  • A leader holds a critical, high-visibility position, but their communication skills or executive impact fall short of the role’s requirements
  • An executive is so demanding and task-oriented, but they have difficulty mobilizing their team and enlisting the support of their peers

You Get

  • An initial consultation to confirm the choice of development options and an introductory meeting with the client to judge interpersonal fit
  • A comprehensive assessment phase, including an Individual Executive Assessment (i.e., interviews with superiors and stakeholders, 360-degree feedback, and online leadership profiles), joint analysis to determine the focus of the coaching, and initial feedback coaching during the data assimilation
  • A three-, six- or 12-month coaching phase, including bi-monthly one-hour coaching sessions by phone, Skype or in person that provide select leadership principles, targeted resources, learning assignments, role playing exercises, and organizational consulting

So That

  • You prevent small problems from becoming big ones before it’s too late
  • Your valued executives stay on course, fill the organization’s talent pipeline, and go on to achieve even better results
  • You “walk the talk” regarding your organization’s commitment to your people, their on-going development, and their long-term success
Measuring executives (loggers tape)

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  2. Your organization’s current strategy for developing leaders
  3. What other organizations similar to yours have done to improve their leadership situation

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From Our Clients

“Tom has been an effective partner in several capacities. Tom does an excellent job facilitating group conversations, leading teams to actionable insights and helping bring them together. He has also proven to be a great asset as a coach for individuals, both in helping understand learning opportunities and accelerating the growth of high potential individuals.”

Director, Brand Digital Acquisition Strategy, Capital One

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