Executive Coaching to Prevent Derailment is a last-ditch intervention to avert the unnecessary loss or termination of a long-time, highly visible or otherwise uniquely important manager


  • They have deep institutional knowledge or equity with special stakeholders
  • Their loss would be a significant embarrassment to the organization or its senior leaders
  • Their departure or separation would be especially costly

You Need Executive Coaching to Prevent Derailment When

  • Performance problems have been allowed to escalate for too long and have become engrained and endemic
  • Other performance management solutions have failed
  • Few, if any, internal resources have the experience or political savvy to confront the problem or make recommendations

You Get

  • An initial consultation to confirm the choice of development options and an introductory meeting with the client to judge interpersonal fit
  • A comprehensive assessment phase, including an Individual Executive Assessment (i.e., interviews with superiors and stakeholders, 360-degree feedback, and online leadership profiles), joint analysis to determine the focus of the coaching, and initial feedback coaching during the data assimilation
  • A forthright recommendation about what it would take to fix the root cause or help the executive determine a better fit for his or her skills
  • If the recommendation involves “fixing” the problem, a three-, six- or 12-month coaching phase, including bi-monthly one-hour coaching sessions by phone, Skype or in person that provide select leadership principles, targeted resources, learning assignments, role playing exercises, and organizational consulting

So That

  • Root causes are finally revealed, understood and addressed
  • Important talent can be maintained in the business without continuing to suffer the fallout of their poor leadership skills
  • The valued but derailing executive has a better chance of finding fit in their next organization or role
  • The rest of the team will respect you for addressing a glaring, persistent and embarrassing problem that has affected their morale and engagement
Measuring executives (loggers tape)

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