Measuring and
Accelerating Executives

Don’t let your executives’ blind spots become spot fires that turn into more serious performance problems. Use executive assessment and coaching to keep your senior leaders on track and accelerate the growth of your next generation.

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Measuring executives (loggers tape)

Did You Know…?

Business failures can be blamed on surprisingly few causes, executives who:

  1. Chose not to cope with innovation and change
  2. Misreading the competition
  3. Brilliantly fulfilling the wrong vision
  4. Clinging to an inaccurate view of reality
  5. Ignoring vital information
  6. Identifying too closely with the company

— Dartmouth College

From Our Clients

“Tom’s wide variety of interests and breadth of experience make him easy to talk to and very skilled at assessing situations. I have already benefited from the coaching sessions and would definitely recommend Tom to anyone who is looking for coaching to reach the next milestone on their career path.”

Tracy Schnieder
Brand Manager, Capital One

“I had the pleasure of working with Tom when he worked with me as a coach. Tom did a detailed assessment with input from colleagues, my manager and my direct reports and helped create a strengths profile. I found his approach…to be very helpful and feel like his input helped me focus on my career and enhance my leadership style.”

Prashant Agarwall
Regional Marketing Director (Asia Pacific Japan) and Global Director for Emerging Markets, Dell

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