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  • Helping New Managers Hit the Ground Running — Your front line managers make or break your chances at having a focused, motivated, and productive workforce, so you can’t afford to throw them in to sink or swim. Get your new managers up to speed fast with training and development options that are effective for you, worthwhile for them, and relevant to the on-the-ground situations they face every day.
  • Accelerating Mid-Level Managers & Senior Executives — You’ve promoted good people with technical skills and experience, but that doesn’t mean they have continued to sharpen their leadership abilities or adapt to your changing workforce. Don’t let their blind spots become spot fires that turn into more serious performance problems. Use executive assessment and coaching to keep your senior leaders on track and accelerate the growth of your next generation.
  • Igniting and Regenerating Teams — Does this sound familiar? Just when you think your groups are headed in the right direction, something changes and you have to start over again or go in a new direction. Getting teams started and keeping them on track can be a full-time job for you if your teams don’t have the right tools or don’t know exactly what to fix. Team assessments start up, tune up, or turn around teams in trouble.
  • Kickstarting and Closing Meetings — When you call a meeting, you’re pulling your people away from their duties for a reason. A bad meeting will cost you more than time and money; a great one can turn things around or get people moving in a new direction. Make sure you accomplish your goals with a speaker, facilitator, trainer and emcee who knows natural resources, knows audiences, and knows leadership from the ground up.
Tom Davidson

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