Just as healthy and productive farms and gardens are no accident, neither is your next crop of great managers

Leadership Expert, Executive Coach and Author Tom Davidson, delivers a distinctive blend of management development services for technical experts and their organizations. Tom combines years of field, line and executive experience in manufacturing, natural resources, human resources, communication and training with the most advanced credentials in coaching (PCC), human resource management (SPHR) and professional speaking (CSP).

As a result, Davidson Leadership is a one-of-a-kind source for helping new managers hit the ground running, keeping valued executives on track, and accelerating teams and teamwork for technical professionals.

You Need Us When

  • People have been promoted for their individual accomplishments and technical skills, not their leadership abilities
  • Your best employees start looking and leaving, draining your talent pipeline
  • The cost of replacing failed managers has become untenable, beginning at 150% of salary for each failure
  • Morale and engagement has started to crater, and you face years of recovery time
  • Senior leaders spend valuable time on high-maintenance managers who cause more problems than they solve
  • Opportunity costs have started to pile up as legal, human resources and other departments are called in
  • It has taken months to discover the depth of the problem, more months to document the problem and even more months to do something about it
  • Productivity has fallen or flattened, and the problem has become hard to hide
  • Little or no preparation has been given to people moving into leadership roles
  • New managers have been thrown into important positions to sink or swim, without tools or support

You can't afford this and you don't have to.

Tom Davidson

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Reserve your free 30-Minute Leadership Acceleration Session. During this consultation call, we'll discuss:

  1. The most pressing leadership challenges you are facing
  2. Your organization’s current strategy for developing leaders
  3. What other organizations similar to yours have done to improve their leadership situation

Call Tom at 804-769-9794 or drop him an and we'll reserve your time to help YOU solve your current leadership challenges while preparing the next generation of leaders in your organization!

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Orienting and Training New Managers

“One of the best things about Tom is his ability to effectively communicate with employees at all levels of the organization. Being an exemplary leader, he quickly developed rapport with our managers and thus created an atmosphere of trust and effective learning...communicating real-life experiences into lessons on leadership.”

– John Carroll
Deputy State Forester, Virginia Department of Forestry

Measuring and Accelerating Executives

“Tom’s wide variety of interests and breadth of experience make him easy to talk to and very skilled at assessing situations. I have already benefited from the coaching sessions and would definitely recommend Tom to anyone who is looking for coaching to reach the next milestone on their career path.”

— Tracy Schnieder
Brand Manager, Capital One

Igniting and Regenerating Teams

“Tom demonstrated a breadth of team development expertise, knowledge and a wealth of on-the-ground practical, professional expertise that resulted in a powerful operating plan for our group’s development and output. His creative approaches and unique ability to facilitate…made us the envy of other business units.”

—John Campbell
Director, Marketing & Development Services, University of Virginia

Kickingoff and Closing Meetings

“The information you shared was extremely relevant, and the interactive approach that you used was hugely successful in conveying the messages and keeping the energy level very high.”

–Tom L. Thompson
Deputy Chief (ret), U.S. Forest Service

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